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  Petteway Growers operates a certified greenhouse citrus nursery which produces over 50,000 trees a year. We produce popular commercial varieties such as 1-4-1 Hamlin, Nucellar Valencia, and others on Kuharske, and all popular US rootstocks. We will grow any custom variety that you need as well. We also stock dooryard favorites such as tangerines, navels and grapefruit. Our trees are grown in a state certified greenhouse, which is one of only 42 nurseries in operation in the state.
  Petteway Grove Service, Inc. is a full service caretaking and grove management operation. We offer spraying, custom herbicide application, fertilizer application, and citrus tree removal, among other services. Operating with 9 employees, we can customize your caretaking to optimize your profit potential and increase crop productivity.
  Valencia Orange and Bloom Hedged row of White Grapefruits Oranges
  Roy, Wendy & R. Roy Petteway
2150 Ramon Petteway Road 
Zolfo Springs, FL  33890
Email: [email protected]

863-781-3984 – R. Roy  863-781-0099 - Roy
863-781-3986 – Wendy
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